TransVaginal UltraSound: Fake Rape, Government Rape, and ‘Rape Rape’

Ultrasound scan.
Ultrasound image via Wikipedia.

By Juliana Jiménez

Lots of different kinds of rape, we’ve got them all. Virginia Governor Bob McDonell promised to sign a bill that would require all women seeking an abortion to get a transvaginal ultrasound (although now not so unconditionally).

Since most abortions happen before the first trimester, the only way to do the ultrasound is introducing an 8- to 10-inch stick inside the woman’s vagina. The above segment of the Daily Show explains very well the irony that even women who are pregnant in case of rape would have to be pretty much raped again. They don’t have to look at the image of, what at that time would be, an amorphous zygote, which makes me think it’s kind of defeating the purpose.

Jon Stewart host of The Daily Show.
Jon Stewart host of The Daily Show. Credit: Wikipedia.

Talk about invasion of privacy. In a hilarious skit, Jon Stewart shows the different conceptions of rape, used by all these Republican lawmakers and pundits who throw the word around, as in, “economic rape”, or talk about TSA pat downs like an invasion of privacy. It’s “rape” when it happens to them, even though the experiences are not even remotely similar. Way to add insult to injury. Way to delegitimize and mock a horribly traumatic experience.

What is also interesting, and what keeps baffling even the best of us, is that the delegate who introduced the bill was Kathy Byron, a woman, –an idiot woman, but a woman at that– who adamantly opposed HPV vaccines for 13-year-old girls. Not only is it true that “women are the only oppressed group in our society that lives in intimate association with its oppressors,” like Evelyn Cunningham said, but it’s equally appalling and disheartening and enraging to see the vast amount of women out there who are sexist and who use the rare power that they get to further limit the rights of women.

That brings us to Most Hated Woman of the Week, Fox News asshole commentator Liz Trotta, who complained that “the feminists” are making the government spend too much much in women in the military “who are being raped too much”, because “what did they expect?”. Wow, our hats off to you, madam, and even more so for doubling down when the hoards of “enraged radical feminists” criticized you from all over the Web. Even the likes of Ron Paul talk about “honest rape”, in contrast to “fake rape” or commonly known as “trying-to-get-everyone’s-attention rape”, which everyone knows is endemic in this society of attention-crazed contraception-hoarding sluts.

But who talks about, for example, the woman who dialed 911 and was raped by the cop who came to “help”? What about that kind of rape? Or rape as a weapon of war on innocent bystanders in Congo, Rwanda, Kosovo? Luckily, the fabulous feminist Gloria Steinem talks about that and how to stop it, for some much needed enlightenment in these dark times.

Men legislating women’s bodies, women legislating like chauvinistic men, it’s all here and it’s getting worse, fast.

7 thoughts on “TransVaginal UltraSound: Fake Rape, Government Rape, and ‘Rape Rape’

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