It’s Spreading (heh): Pennsylvania Ultrasound Bill

Bob McDonell, Gov. of Virginia at CPAC.
Bob McDonell, Gov. of Virginia at CPAC.

By Juliana Jiménez

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell backed off on his controversial transvaginal ultrasound bill, taking out the “transvaginal” and leaving in the “ultrasound”, thanks to enraged liberal media pundits, and others like Amy Poehler and Seth Myers on SNL.

This bill will fortunately be rewritten, but in the meantime, while we were all busy catching our breath, Virginia will introduce a personhood bill much like Mississippi (not the most progressive state out there) rejected in November 2011.

And it’s not alone. According to the Guttmacher Institute, seven states already demand pre-abortion ultrasounds, “and since the vast majority of abortions occur in the first 12 weeks,” reports, “that means women are already being subjected to transvaginal wands right now.”

Texas is the champion though, being the only state where the ultrasound is “required for each abortion; the provider must display and describe the image.”

As if the bills, or anything that Santorum says, weren’t enough to make you gag, media idiots did their part. CNN commentator Dana Loesch said that if you’ve consented to sex, then state-sponsored rape should be OK. So basically rape is only wrong for virgins. And if you’ve had sex then you are OK to be raped. Has she had sex before? Is she OK with being raped? How is she still employed? Same question goes for the unnamed “Virginia Republican who supports the procedure [who] said much the same thing, telling a Democratic colleague that women had already consented to being ‘vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant,’ according to Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick.” Yes, these are the people representing us in Congress. Much like this Funny or Die all-male expert panel on birth control. I feel like I’ll laugh or die soon myself, as a matter of fact.

It seems really amazing that this should be an issue us 20-somethings would have to fight about in our lifetime, like Virginia  Democrat delegate Kaye Kory commented on MSNBC’s Politics Nation in a discussion with‘s editor at large, Joan Walsh. But the facts are grim. According to the Washington Times:

Last year, five states – Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma – joined Nebraska by passing laws that ban abortion after 20 weeks, on the premise that fetuses can feel pain. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, vetoed similar legislation, calling the idea that a fetus can feel pain at that point a “spurious assertion.” Nebraska approved the first “fetal pain” law in 2010.”

Pennsylvania also introduced a bill that’s even worse than Virginia’s. The Raw Story reports that

the FDA already recommends that medically unnecessary ultrasounds should be discouraged, since the long-term effects of radiation from the ultrasound machines are unknown.”

The state’s ACLU wrote an awesome mock open letter to the Virginia legislature titled “Yes, Virginia, there is a state more demeaning to women than you.” Here are some great excerpts:

Our bill FORCES the doctor to turn the ultrasound screen towards the woman’s face. Don’t worry – we avoided constitutional meddling by “allowing her” to look away. I heard you only give ‘the opportunity’ to view the ultrasound image. LAME!

LOVE the “free ultrasound providers” bit! We did that, too, so now we can funnel women to those so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” where they can be fed state-funded, unregulated misinformation. We don’t even require that ultrasound providers have any training!

Oh, and you’ll love the part about the printouts – listen to this. We’re going to make the woman take TWO prints with her – one for her scrapbook, and the other one SHE has to bring to the doctor performing the abortion (if she hasn’t been shamed out of it at this point! LOL).

And come on now, only civil penalties? Our bill includes civil and criminal penalties for doctors and patients who dare defy our legislating of medicine.

Nice try, Virginia. But you’ve got nothin’ on Pennsylvania.

Your partner in crime,


Virtue, Liberty and Independence (Unless you’re a woman)

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