‘Semen Personhood’: Fighting Back the GOP’s War on Women

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By Juliana Jiménez

Yeah, ladies (and men), this is what I’m talking about! What a better way to spend this endless 24 hours of cheesyness that is International Women’s Day than reading about outlawing vasectomies, mandatory rectal exams for guys into Viagra, semen personhood. Yes, Republicans and minions, this is just how ridiculous your own bills are.

Mother Jones reports on several satirical laws that have been introduced in Congress to highlight all the regulating of women’s bodies that has been going on in Congress these days. Why not regulate men’s bodies, men’s sexuality? They are the ones that are always thinking about how to get you to have sex with them, right, everybody knows that? Stereotype? Myth? How come men are always making fun of women for having all these feelings, for not being like them and just having sex and getting over it? That’s right, guys, don’t complain if you are the ones who perpetuate your own negative stereotypes – it comes with the whole package.

Well, apparently it’s men who “want to have all this sex”, in the wise words of Master Cheeseball Rush Limbaugh, so bills that say health insurance should cover Viagra and the like are what we should be talking about. Stephen Colbert started it with his transurethral ultrasounds, but these people took it to another level of awesome.

An excerpt from MJ:

“Oklahoma: When a zygote-personhood bill came before the state Senate, Sen. Constance Johnson penned an amendment declaring that ejaculating anywhere outside a woman’s vagina constitutes ‘an action against an unborn child.'”

Not digging the GOP’s War on Women? March it out of your system, April 28, 2012.

2 thoughts on “‘Semen Personhood’: Fighting Back the GOP’s War on Women

  1. It’s fun to think that every time I ejaculate outside a woman’s vagina, I’m destroying hundreds of millions of unborn children. Entire civilizations, wiped out just like that!

    1. @Scotty B: And month after month I kill one precious life after another. Imagine all the babies I could be hoarding by now! that’s 10 wasted years of precious uterus real estate.

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