Michael Moore’s “The End of Men”

“Since the birth of this country, for more than 225 years, we have seen to it that not a single woman has held either the number one or number two offices in the land. For the better part of that time we’ve made sure that damn few of them have held any office at all. In fact, for the first 130 years of presidential elections, it was illegal for women even to vote.

Then in 1920, just to show women we’re good sports, we gave them the right to vote. And guess what? We remained in power!

Go figure. Suddenly, women had more votes; they could have thrown our collective male ass into the political trash heap. But what did they do? They voted for us! How cool is that? Have you ever heard of any group of oppressed people that suddenly, by their sheer numbers, takes charge—and then votes in overwhelming numbers to keep their oppressors in power? The blacks of South Africa, once free, did not continue apartheid by voting for whites. I know no Jews in America who voted for George Wallace or David Duke or Pat Buchanan (Florida debacle included).

No, the usual thing a sane society does is give the boot to the boot that’s been on its neck for umpteen years.

Yet more than 80 years after they gained the right to vote and—despite the growth of a massive women’s movement —here’s where we stand:

• Not a single woman has been on the ballot of the major parties for President or Vice President in 20 of the 21 national elections since 1920.

• Currently there are only five women governors in fifty states.

• Women hold only 13 percent of the seats in Congress.

• 496 of the top 500 companies in America are run by men.

• Just four of the top 21 universities in the United States are run by women.

• 40 percent of all women who are divorced between the ages of 25 and 34 end up in poverty, compared with only 8 percent of married women who live below the poverty line.

• Women’s earnings average 76 cents for every $1 earned by men—resulting in a lifetime loss of over $650,133.

• To make the same annual salary as her male counterpart, a woman would have to work the entire year PLUS an additional four months.”


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