Feminist Trolls Flood Republican Legislator’s Facebook Pages, and So Can You

Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas
Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. Credit: Wikipedia.

I’ve never been much of an internets troll, that is, until this morning. The new feminist blog on the Washington Post, She the People, reports how thousands of women (and some men) have been posting ironic remarks on Gov. Rick Perry’s Facebook page in protest to his cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, his infamous transvaginal ultrasound bill (Virginia is not the only one, remember!), among other creative tactics in this latest battle on the War on Women.

I thought it was a great idea. I know I should call Congresspeople and Senators when I’m pissed about legislative matters, but I don’t. Very few people do, although that is the most effective way of coming close to influencing anything. But this was different, more familiar, more of this “digital age,” I suppose. The format, too, is different from what a phone call would sound like.

Check out some of these posts, for example, from women asking for menstrual advice on Perry’s page:

“I’m at work and am experiencing the most uncomfortable itch you know where. I know I’m being punished for having a job and not being a wife and mother, but will you still take care of me? I’d like to stop by during my lunch hour.”

But there are other Republican pages that have been left unscathed, as Jezebel kindly reminds us, and we need to do something about it.

Tom Corbett at the McCain rally.
Tom Corbett, Penn. Governor. Credit: Wikipedia.

Take “Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett, who helpfully suggested that women who don’t want to look at their pre-abortion ultrasound should “just close their eyes,'” according to Jezebel. Here is what I posted on his Facebook page:

“I know this has nothing to do with this, but being a woman and all, I can’t stop thinking about my lady parts. You suggested women close their eyes when getting a transvaginal ultrasound, or Wand of Light, as we lovingly call it in some places. Do you also close your eyes when getting a mandatory anal probe for unrelated legal medical procedures? What else do you close your eyes for? I’m curious, your advice is so fascinating!”

Or Darrell Issa, the one responsible for the also infamous all-male contraception panel. His page is pretty lonely right now. I think it needs a feminine touch. Here’s my contribution:

“I have a question that is unrelated to this topic, but I can’t find the information anywhere, and I know you’re an expert on this. I do not want to have too many babies, being that I am not rich, and I am ambivalent about whether to use the rhythm method or douching, or if you know of a foolproof prayer for this, that should do it also. Could you put together one of those helpful all-male panels on this? Either wise I could not wrap my head around it.. as for anything complicated I depend on men to tell me what to do. I await a taste of your infinite male wisdom, thanks!”

You can be direct or sarcastic, make them squirm in their seats, or not, but the idea is simply for them to know that we care and we will not vote or stand for this nonsense.

Let’s do this!

One thought on “Feminist Trolls Flood Republican Legislator’s Facebook Pages, and So Can You

  1. If the civil rights movement had happened in this day and age, no-one would have had the nerve to sit down at a lunch counter or ride a segregated bus, much less face the dogs and the hoses….but they would have trolled Strom Thurmond’s FB page into oblivion. Oh brave new world, that has such armchair activists in it

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