Read-It Round-Up May 8, 2012

By Juliana Jimenez

Hilary Clinton in the night of the midterm ele...
Hilary Clinton in the night of the midterm elections 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the piece in general. Just have a problem with two sentences there:

“Her solution, unsurpris­ingly, is to increase women’s participation. But before the crowd’s eyes can glaze over at the prospect of hearing another speech about the justice of giving women a voice or how they’re morally superior to men, Clinton, like the Yale-trained lawyer she is, makes a fact-based case…”

Who even uses that line seriously? The writer also writes that saying that not talking about her looks is a back-handed compliment, that we’re saying that it’s ok she looks like crap. I don’t get this. I don’t think it’s feminist to say she’ll always look pretty, or that she looks ugly. I don’t think those are your two choices. You can also not care. This is the point with the new sans makeup stories.


  • The Washington Post on a related note: Hilary won’t wear makeup and we love her more for it
  • Jezebel on an asshole who’s into “chickspotting”:


  • (This is from 2010, but I read it today): Hanna Rosin‘s monster article The End of Men, on how women might be better suited for the coming new world order and economies:

This was specially revealing since it was written by Hanna Rosin, founder and editor at Slate‘s DoubleX, where I work now. I did some research and turns out she’s an amazing writer, at amazing places like WaPo, The New Yorker, Slate, etc. And she’s actually been a guest at the Daily Show (it was in 2005. Jon Stewart aged really fast). She’s also married to Slate editor David Plotz, awesome for both.


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