Great Cause, Not-So-Great Music

English: Jada Pinkett Smith photographed for V...
Jada Pinkett Smith, Vogue magazine, 2001. Photo by Jerry Avenaim via Wikipedia.

By Juliana Jiménez

Jada Pinkett Smith released a song about sex trafficking called “Nada Se Compara”, as you can tell, in Spanish. The video was  directed by Salma Hayek, and together with Pinkett Smith, they launched a website,, to raise awareness about this problem.

Though her Spanish, the video and the music all suck a lot, I have to say I do like these ladies now a lot more, perhaps less as artists but more as people. That is commendable, I suppose, because it usually happens the other way around, with people like say, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Who’s-That-Other-Pedophile-Director, etc.

It’s great that they are doing these things, and using their (relative) fame to encourage positive change; we should give credit where it’s worth. I just wish the song didn’t suck so much so I could actually share it with friends and family. That would be the whole point of the thing, no?

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