Read-It Round-Up 5/9/12

By Juliana Jimenez 4 Reasons Commercials Are Sexist (Against Men) — Not what you’d expect. Excellent writing and captioning for true satire of the 21st Century. Petition from 14-year-old girl to Seventeen magazine: Stop photoshopping girls in magazines, it’s like, fucking hurting us. — Seriously, she’s only asking them “to commit to […]

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Reader Appreciation Awards

Femination has been nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award! We thank Jueseppi B. from the Obamacrat blog for the nomination, and encourage you to visit his blog. By tradition, we will list six nominations for the award: Conspire for Change  Obamacrat Feministing The Daily Bliss Pursuit The Situation Blog Keep Me From Dating a Republican Thanks […]

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