Relatos de Mozambique: “Las mujeres también son personas”

“Women are people too,” (las mujeres también son personas) fue lo que dijo uno de mis estudiantes como respuesta a un trabajo escrito. La pregunta era si África necesitaba tener un número mínimo de mujeres CEO. Las respuestas de mis estudiantes fueron un poco sorprendentes. El sólo hecho de que este alumno encontrara necesario enfatizar esto, me […]

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Women in India

By Andrea Alarcón I have been in northern India for about a week, traveling around with my mother. From now on, I will commence writing about my experiences as women traveling alone (after India my mom goes back home and I will continue on my journey by myself) and my impression of women’s lives in […]

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Motherhood and the Workplace

By Andrea Alarcón A coworker of mine, let’s call her Monica, just had a baby boy. While off on her one-month maternity leave, our boss found another web producer to temporarily take her place. Now she’s back, but not to her old job, but to a less prominent one (equal pay), since no one wanted […]

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Thanks NYT, the Answer to All Our Questions About Marriage, Re-Marriage, Finally

By Juliana Jiménez Now, for the first time in history, people who aren’t married outnumber those who are. It’s very interesting to look at how the media are trying to analyze this, sometimes insightfully, sometimes a bit less than. A New York Times article, Alone Again, Naturally, reveals: “A woman discovers the answer to the […]

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