Relatos de Mozambique: “Las mujeres también son personas”

“Women are people too,” (las mujeres también son personas) fue lo que dijo uno de mis estudiantes como respuesta a un trabajo escrito. La pregunta era si África necesitaba tener un número mínimo de mujeres CEO. Las respuestas de mis estudiantes fueron un poco sorprendentes. El sólo hecho de que este alumno encontrara necesario enfatizar esto, me […]

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Femicide on the Rise in Latin America

By Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo Violence against women has been on the rise in the last decade in Latin America, from Mexico to Colombia, down south to Argentina. In 2009, sexual harassment on Mexico City buses was so out of control women-only bus lines had to be created. Throwing acid on women’s faces is not restricted to the Middle East anymore; 119 acid […]

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America’s Greatest Export: Hooters, now in Colombia

By Juliana Jiménez Hooters, the trashy restaurant America hates to love, at long last, arrived in Colombia. And Florence Thomas, the French feminist active in Colombia, was there to chronicle her experience at Bogotá’s newest American chain-invasion. She published her article in Soho, a Colombian magazine that “excuses” their profiting from naked women with aspirations […]

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Street Harassment: Be a “Bitch”

By Juliana Jiménez I recently discovered the Hollaback Project, “a movement dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology.” Street harassment is a reality women face in varying degrees, depending on where in the world you live. The first time I remember experiencing this I was 11 — I was living in Bogotá, Colombia, at the […]

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