The Equality Language Lab

By Juliana Jiménez France’s Laboratoire de l’égalité brings you this awesome video, put together by Pacte Pour L’égalité, or Pact for Equality. Doesn’t require subtitles or translation. Pacte Pour L’égalité  seeks to put pressure on France’s 2012 presidential candidates to address the obstacles toward equality between men and women. The scenarios in the video serve mostly as metaphor of what […]

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Grad School = Gender Gap?

By Andrea Alarcón A New York Times article on how women are flocking back to grad school while their male counterparts scramble for a job caught my attention. Not only because of the content, but because of the tone. It seemed as if though women are investing more in their future by being in debt […]

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Where Have All the Women Gone?

By Juliana Jiménez There are few women musicians whose talent supersedes their looks. There are lots of singers, but it’s usually looks > talent, at least as far as society is concerned: Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Madonna, etc. Even when they do have talent, their looks are highlighted a lot more than for male singers. But full bands […]

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What Started It All

By Juliana Jiménez In January last year, I received a forwarded email from a male member of my own family. It was one of those cheesy email jokes that get forwarded around. The subject line was: “How the world changed when I was born: The Good Wife’s Manual”. The body of the email said “Go back […]

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