Can domestic traditionalists be organizational egalitarians? The answer is no.

By: Andrea Alarcon Expecting women co-workers to take care of office parties? Bake the cake for the monthly birthday celebration? Subconscious discrimination is still discrimination. We have all seen and experienced this, and it tends to be of such good nature that it’s hard to fight. A new study called “Marriage Structure and Resistance to the […]

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Read-It Round-Up May 8, 2012

By Juliana Jimenez Elle Magazine on Hilary Clinton‘s growing cool: I like the piece in general. Just have a problem with two sentences there: “Her solution, unsurpris­ingly, is to increase women’s participation. But before the crowd’s eyes can glaze over at the prospect of hearing another speech about the justice of giving women a […]

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WaPo: Consider the case of the angry white woman

Cartoon published in the Melbourne version of ...
Cartoon published in 14/04/1887: "Some foolish people imagine our ladies will neglect their family duties. Quite a mistake. 3 am. That dear good old creature, Mr. Speaker, is kind enough to take the blessed infant while the Hon. Member addresses the house." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WaPo: Consider the case of the angry white woman

From Washington Post, Comment by Juliana Jimenez

This is one amazing article on the intersection of sexism and racism. Damn. Impressed. Goes beyond the reporting.

Some commenters, men of course, were outraged, saying that “there’s not assault on women’s rights.” It’s actually kind of funny that these men go to forums like these, bristling with male entitlement, and end up showing off their willful ignorance. Have they not been following the news? Do these men have any idea what it’s like to not be able to decide when and how you have a baby, a.k.a when your body, your mind and the rest of your life are completely transformed from that moment on? Oh, they don’t? Ok, thought so. Now, shush.

More analysis on this issue to come later.

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