WaPo: Consider the case of the angry white woman

Cartoon published in the Melbourne version of ...
Cartoon published in 14/04/1887: "Some foolish people imagine our ladies will neglect their family duties. Quite a mistake. 3 am. That dear good old creature, Mr. Speaker, is kind enough to take the blessed infant while the Hon. Member addresses the house." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WaPo: Consider the case of the angry white woman

From Washington Post, Comment by Juliana Jimenez

This is one amazing article on the intersection of sexism and racism. Damn. Impressed. Goes beyond the reporting.

Some commenters, men of course, were outraged, saying that “there’s not assault on women’s rights.” It’s actually kind of funny that these men go to forums like these, bristling with male entitlement, and end up showing off their willful ignorance. Have they not been following the news? Do these men have any idea what it’s like to not be able to decide when and how you have a baby, a.k.a when your body, your mind and the rest of your life are completely transformed from that moment on? Oh, they don’t? Ok, thought so. Now, shush.

More analysis on this issue to come later.

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But It’s Their Culture…

By Juliana Jiménez Many men are quick to get outraged by racism. It’s now considered common sense to at least oppose racism in theory, even when a lot of people remain unconsciously racist in practice. But when confronted by sexism, these same, ostensibly sensitive men will have no second thoughts about dismissing feminism. “Oh, but […]

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The Equality Language Lab

By Juliana Jiménez France’s Laboratoire de l’égalité brings you this awesome video, put together by Pacte Pour L’égalité, or Pact for Equality. Doesn’t require subtitles or translation. Pacte Pour L’égalité  seeks to put pressure on France’s 2012 presidential candidates to address the obstacles toward equality between men and women. The scenarios in the video serve mostly as metaphor of what […]

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Turkey, behind the veil

By Andrea Alarcón I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful country of Turkey for vacations. I loved Istanbul, the beautiful Cappadocia, stuffing my mouth with baklava, the music…. As I walked around the busy streets of Beyoğlu, I wished I could move to this magical place, so European, yet retaining an Arabesque tone in […]

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What Started It All

By Juliana Jiménez In January last year, I received a forwarded email from a male member of my own family. It was one of those cheesy email jokes that get forwarded around. The subject line was: “How the world changed when I was born: The Good Wife’s Manual”. The body of the email said “Go back […]

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